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Meet Jerry:
Bridging Tech
& Creativity

A Senior Technical Program Manager in Cybersecurity with over 15 years of experience. I an entrepreneur, with three companies in the healthcare and technology sectors.




As a seasoned Senior Technical Program Manager, I’ve spent over a decade navigating the intricate landscape of cybersecurity. My mission? To safeguard organizations against digital threats by orchestrating complex projects with precision. Agile methodologies are my compass, and I wield Jira and the Atlassian suite of tools like a maestro. Whether it’s fortifying network defenses or optimizing software development pipelines, my strategic vision ensures seamless execution.

But wait, there’s more! Entrepreneurship runs through my veins. I’m the proud founder of three thriving ventures. First, I have an award-winning healthcare startup that helps resove supply and pricing constraints on pharmaceuticals while enabling pharmacies to better serve the needs of their patients. Next, my digital marketing agency crafts compelling narratives that resonate across platforms and helps businesses turn clicks into customers. And let’s not forget my latest venture - a software consulting company which specializes in modern, secure, and feature-filled identity solutions.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: I’ve donned multiple hats in my journey. From capturing moments as a professional photographer to honing my culinary skills in culinary school, creativity fuels my every move. When I’m not immersed in code or whipping up delectable dishes, you’ll find me with a book in hand, exploring new cultures through travel. Curiosity is my compass, guiding both my professional pursuits and personal adventures.

So, welcome to my world—a tech-savvy polymath’s playground where innovation and imagination collide. 🌟




Years of










Master of Project Management

Keller Graduate School of Management


Master of Information Systems Management

Keller Graduate School of Management


Master of Computer Science

Keller Graduate School of Management


2018 - Present

Senior Technical Program Manager - Cybersecurity


2013 - 2018

Director of Technology

Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

2008 - 2013

PTS Analyst | Data Scientist



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Details About Me

I have always loved learning new things and staying very busy. This has made my life quite interesting!

Educational Journey

I started out my collegiate journey in Northern WI - originally going to school for Finance with hopes of becoming an investment banker. Then the economy collapsed and I leaned into my interest in technology and computers. I worked very hard and graduated with honors in all my courses. After completing my last bachelors, the economy crashed (again) and I decided to go to graduate school. I completed my first masters in Computer Science and then went on to complete my second masters in Information Systems Management. I had big dreams, but we had yet another economic crisis in 2012. I then decided to complete my third masters in Project Management. I've continued to pursue my education, and am now taking some courses from the University of Georgia to learn more about what it takes to be a Chief Information Security Officer.

Professional Journey

I worked my way through college with 2-4 jobs at any given time at factory and retail jobs (I did not escape the burdens of student loans however). This helped to cement the work ethic I grew up with on the family farm. Professionally, I had a couple of awesome internships and then I was able to turn my job as a PTS Analyst at Menards into something more. My job was to use data and math in order to ensure that Menards was appropriately staffed in all of their departments at each hour of the day across their stores. I was had a lot of success and was able to start a data science team. My brother was able to convince me to move south to Madison, and I took a job at Compliant Pharmacy Alliance. I built up the analyst, developer, and database teams and we achieved a great deal together to support the company doubling in size in just five years. I then moved to Entegral where I was able to lead some amazing projects such as moving to the cloud, moving to an amazing new office building, and helping move our microservices to Kubernetes and Istio. I then shifted focus towards improving our cybersecurity posture and have lead the efforts to implement a SOC/SIEM/SOAR, a risk management program, a comprehensive vulnerability management program, and a mature SDLC.

Personal Journey

I have a wide variety of interests. I am an Adobe Certified Professional and got into photography inversely to how most folks do - I loved Photoshop and all that I could do with it, and it was from there that my love of photography bloomed. I started a photo studio called Focus Photo Studio where I did fashion photography and I spent whatever time I could at the Minneapolis Photo Center. When I moved down to Madison, I had to find a new way to pass the time - so I decided to learn how to be a massage therapist. I also tried my hand at cake decorating, but I am truly terrible at it. I love traveling to new places, and if it is warm and near the ocean then you can be sure that I'll be scuba diving. I've spent the last several years learning more about myself and how I can be a better person and I finally feel like I can say I have made some meaningful progress on my quest to be the best person I can be. The journey continues...